Monday, July 21, 2014

Because "Never Again" is Dead

"Never Again" was a rather juvenile,  utopian phrase that made a lot of people-Jews especially-feel better after the Holocaust.

The only thing "Never Again" means is because we Jews have a state, we will never again have to count on the "mercy" of any other nation for the right to exist.

To project any other meaning onto that trite phrase is an exercise in wishful thinking, and therefore dangerous to the Jews and to the West.

And enough with the misplaced pity for our enemies. 

Therefore, despite the heartbreaking and excruciating losses of Jewish lives, the Jews will go on and as a nation we are in a better position now than ever before in our long history.

So "Never Again" means that Jewish families become bereaved. Many.

It means that we must never again have any doubt that Europe is a cesspool of Jew-hate and no Jews should contemplate living there, no Jew should enrich Europe in any way-financially, politically, intellectually, technologically or otherwise.

It means that John Kerry can go screw himself. 

It means that the Hamas cheerleaders in the most anti-Jewish American administration ever can also screw themselves. 

"My bad."

The people running America from the White House right have a lethal combination of mental and intellectual retardation with a whopping mother lode of antipathy and venom toward the Jews and Israel.

That's called Judenhaas.

Europe remains soaked in blood, lots of Jewish blood among the blood of many others. But while other may try to eke out a secular, post-Christian life as the caliphate further ensconces itself on the continent, there is no Jewish future in Europe whatsoever.

A picture of London from Douglas Murray: antisemitism central that quite literally paralyzed London. Quite an accomplishment. Congratulations, Britain.

London looks like Gaza City.

So does downtown Toronto.

Pogroms in France, yet Reuters uses scare quotes for "Antisemitic".

You cannot be pro-West if you are pro-Palestinian.

You cannot root for the death cult and be part of a thriving society bound for prosperity and human achievement.

When all you applaud is death, nihilism and killing Jews, and that is tolerated and encouraged by your host country, your fragile democracy (or other system), your society will start to crumble and disintegrate, as we see now.

Countries and societies are making their choices now and they will have to live for now with those choices and die as a result of them.

Israel and the Jews will continue to thrive as will societies that value 'their' Jews and Judeo-Christian values.

Am Yisrael Chai.