Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hamas: Do You Know About It? Do You Get It?

LOTS of commentary about Israel, Hamas, lately.

I think there is one litmus test for these articles: do they mention the jihad or not? 

If they do, then the writer gets it.

If they don't, the writer can still be considered bright and make some excellent points, but he or she just doesn't get it.

And as Holocaust scholar Michael Marrus once said about the Holocaust (and remember, the spirit of the Nazis is what is guiding Hamas, they are the "neo-Nazis"): there is a difference between "knowing it" and "getting it".

This is a good one from Brendan O'Neill at Spiked. 

It identifies the current "anti-Israel" movement as being nakedly antisemitic. So that's a good start and this article is very well written and clear. But, unfortunately, there is no mention of the jihad.

But this one from John Podhoretz is a real disappointment. 

It's another Daniel Pipe-esque piece that analyzes a bunch of factors at play in the current battle, without mentioning Islam or the jihad.

Therefore, it is a gutless and pointless article from an otherwise smart man.

Smart man, stupid article.

What a pity.

It is pathetic when Jews who should know better, (especially Official Jews and Jews in media, academic and politics) shy away from mentioning the religious element of this war.

Tip toeing around jihad does not make you or anyone else safer, chaverim.  It makes it worse.

In the meantime, the culture of death and those who identify it will continue to serve their death cult masters, and dance with blood on their hands.

Israel and the Jews, and the non-Jews who support us will continue to celebrate life, and to preserve life- even at the risk of losing one's own life to save others. 

Israeli reservists shelter a child with their own bodies when the siren goes off.

So shame on all of you gutless, syndicated, cocktail circuit, eunuchs who won't utter the word jihad.