Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Must Read: Judith Curry on "Science, the Evolving Status of a Word"

This is an excellent post. 

I think it's important to read because she really nails the word "scientist" and frankly, the over credentialization of humanity is a real problem in many, many realms.

You must now buy your house from a "realtor" (with credentials) and your children are taught not by teachers but by "educators".

All the puffed up puffery has contributed to a real decline in the meaning of anything and therefore-everything.

The internet has democratized many things-and that's good!

Few people use travel agents nowadays, or bank tellers. Industries evolve as technology democratizes. The internet is a huge part of that. Digital printing will do the same.

Think of the print industry! Remember the first time you ordered business cards?

Remember Atari? Your VHS?

She concludes this very clever piece with the following:

"...I find the democratization of climate science by internet to be absolutely fascinating, and I would like to facilitate this in any way that I can."

And that, my friends is what is freaking out Big Climate.