Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rush Limbaugh: There is No Diplomatic Solution: Must Read


None whatsoever. 

That's mostly because it's not the "Israeli-Palestinian" conflict. It's a religious conflict between Islam and Judaism (in particular) and the non-Islamic world (in general). There is no diplomatic solution. Some problems have no solution. This is a war. A real war and there can only be one winner if Israel is to survive.

There can be victory or defeat, or ongoing containment with a very heavy price.

Rush puts it thus:

"When one of the combatants has in, essentially, their constitution -- they call it a charter, but their constitution -- the elimination, eradication, the demolishing, the abolishment of the Jewish state, there is no diplomatic solution to that.  And yet every day we get breathless reporters working and reporting on the next proposal as though this might be the magic moment."

"And there isn't a magic moment, because there is not a diplomatic solution.  It's not possible.  And especially if you send somebody over there like Kerry, who's got his own agenda for his own legacy and his own bio and what have you. Ditto Obama.  So Kerry wants a ceasefire.  What happens in ceasefires is that the bad guys take advantage of the time-out to retool, to regroup, and rearm."

"It is a fact that the two parties involved here have a different definition of peace.  To Hamas and the Palestinians, peace is a momentary lull in the normal state of affairs, which is war.  That is normalcy for them.  They raise their children on it.  They strap bombs on their children to go blow themselves up in Israel and bus depots and on buses and in schools.  War is their way of life."

"I think they push for a ceasefire because they all want to be seen as brokers of peace."

(I actually think it's much worse, they identify with Hamas, and not with Israel.) 

"Somebody... They all got this dream of being the guy who finally brought peace to the Middle East.  They all have that much hubris, they all have that kind of ego to think they -- with the power of their personality and their ideas (and the fact that they served in Vietnam) -- can bring to these negotiations elements that others have never had.  Every one of these guys thinks they have the magic bullet, and there isn't one, if it is involved in diplomacy."


"Obama Was Rude and Hostile Talking to Bibi Netanyahu"

No such hostility or rudeness to the jihadist butchers of Hamas.

I would love to see the transcript. Israel's Channel One apparently has it. The three photos are screenshots of the Hebrew transcription. If anyone sees a link with the actual transcript, please send it to me.