Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Big Blabbermouth Mark Steyn Exposes the Vast, International Jewish Soccer Conspiracy and The Reality Gap Between American Elites and Regular People

Another great interview with Mark Steyn from John Oakley.

But I can't believe that Mark Steyn ratted us out!?!??!


We tried, so hard to keep the Vast International Jewish Soccer Conspiracy under wraps-dammit, only a few people heard about it is and then MARK STEYN, who is not even Jewish but has a Jewish sounding name, and is a philosemite and Israel-supporter to boot-goes and blabs his big British mouth about it on the radio!?!?!?!

Memo to self: Increase security at the next meeting of the Elders of Zion in the Catskills. Change secret handshake. Keep Steyn out.  

There was also a truly great quip about an Alberta premier losing her job basically over a $6000 airline ticket, but that $6000 bucks could not purchase the security required to take His Royal Highness Imperial President Obama and his gazillion, bazillion man and 40 car armed motorcar TO THE MEN'S ROOM.

(I'm dying. Still laughing. Gotta keep laughing or I will start crying...)

So listen to the whole thing.