Friday, July 11, 2014

Chabad Mitzvah Tank Visits Troops Near Gaza

G-d bless Chabad, they do so many wonderful works.

I think the title though is a bit misleading, they are not really "joining" the troops, they are supporting them and their spiritual needs and that is also wonderful, but their physical selves are not in the same line of danger.

The photos are quite lovely, and certainly it is better to do something than nothing. 

However, I thought this photo uniquely portrayed, better than 1,000 words ever could, the beauty and the magnificent uniqueness and courage of the people of Israel and the wonders of the Jewish people having our own state and our own fine, brave male and female warriors.

We need male and female soldiers, men and women spiritual fighters and for the ultra-orthodox to do their share of the physical war as well. With a slight adjustment to this picture-some khakis on the ultra-orthodox (as per Nahal Haredi for example) we will be unstoppable.