Thursday, July 3, 2014

Have I Mentioned Lately How Much I Adore Mark Steyn? How Come Mark Steyn Gets It But Most Jews Don't?

Mark Steyn for Prime Minister of Israel, or at least substitute level guest PM, you know-just like he does with the Rush Limbaugh show? 


Again, Steyn puts the dots together and makes sense of the seemingly senseless.

Steyn is not afraid to say what "Palestinian" culture really is, so why are Jews and other assorted, seemingly normal infidels so damned afraid of saying it out loud?

You must read the whole thing, "Down and Out in Beverly Hills...and Peshawar and Khartoum and Gaza", but especially the part where he cites that random, right-wing infidel Jewish mother again from suburban Toronto (THAT'S ME!!!!! GET IT?!?!? ME!!!!), in his closing.

The lede of an essay or news article is meant to pull you in, the middle makes the case, and the end must give the reader something to remember, so I'm delighted that Steyn concurs with my observation that Britain has pretty much evolved into the Soviet Union-that's what he wants to leave you with, a warning about where "free" and "civilized" societies are at.

That is to say, I'm delighted Steyn and I are on the same wavelength-but of course, not at all delighted about the Orwellian nature of the UK and its rapid, self-chosen decline into a Pakistani/Gazan sh&thole colony.


"Palestinian "nationalism" is a euphemism for a death-cult whose pathologies seep into almost every routine daily transaction: The last time I was there, a few years ago, the affable proprietors [Ed. note-OH MAH GAWD IS THAT EVER FUNNY I AM DYING, IT'S ALMOST AS GOOD AS "EXCITABLE LADS" THE BBQ AND RAPE YOOOTS OF EUROPE, PRETTY MUCH CAN"T BREATHE...NOW CARRY ON] at almost every convenience store had various local Martyrs of the Week pinned up on the wall behind the cash register, and the Education Ministry was giving first prize in its letter-writing competition to a seventh-grader from Jenin pledging to his deceased father to become a suicide bomber and "propel my living-dead body into your arms". "

"Their own corpses are historic victories, and Jewish corpses are the spoils thereof. There is no evidence of "nation-building", nor any appetite therefor. Invited to choose between nation-building and Jew-killing, they plump for the latter, every time."


"This Administration takes the view that, if an American infant and his mother get shanghaied in Khartoum because she's a Christian, that's just the way it is, and the way it will be until the last Christian is fled. Likewise, if an American Jewish boy gets murdered by Hamas, that's just the way it is, and the way it will be, until the last Jew is dead. To push back against Islam's psychoses would require too much effort from a craven and feckless "superpower"."

Anyone who identifies this truth publicly, in this day and age is a fellow warrior. Anyone who fights against it is a hero.

There are Prophet Mensches among us, and Mark Steyn is certainly one.

I send a big hug through the Interwebzz now to Mr. Steyn (thanks Al Gore for inventing it!).