Thursday, July 10, 2014

OMG THIS!! Must Read-"The Transgender Religion"-UPDATED.

Must read. 

So well said.


The author has put into words what I have been noticing all around. I thought that the left had just adopted another pet, but it's clear that it's more of a religious fervor and heretics shall be burnt at the stake.

"Over the past few months, with impressive swiftness, our nation’s growing identity-based religious fervor has risen in one particular form: ardent, impassioned, unquestioning transgender boosterism.

"In late May, Time magazine announced America’s “Transgender Tipping Point,” featuring formerly male television star Laverne Cox. Time’s article spurred a flurry of giddy media responses; meanwhile, at gay pride events across the nation, “newer, edgier, and angrier” TransPride rallies, as described by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, often stole the show."
"The Oxford English Dictionary describes religion as “the belief in or worship of a superhuman controlling power.” 
"In the world of transgender activism, that controlling power is quite clear: It is an all-consuming, unquestionable—and, most importantly, self-defined—gender identity. It is a belief that, in all but a few legitimate intersex cases, defies the physical world. It is, in the end, a spiritual quest."


A pretty gutsy piece from The American Thinker, with lots of food for thought ("Not that there's anything wrong with that...")

"L'Etat C'est Gay: Taking the New Sexual Fascism Seriously."  


Chase Bank correlating employee ID numbers to survey on LGBTQ issues? 

Priorities: Obama administration devises new 'training tool' for caregivers of LGBTQ senior citizens.