Monday, July 7, 2014

Steyn: Bill of Sale

In this delightful essay, Steyn takes a swipe at the Clintons, the court eunuchs of America AND the ridonculous deference that freeborn American citizens must now pay the Imperial, Untouchable Leader.


There cannot be! 

He is perfect, untouchable. THERE IS NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT OBAMA. 

OK so is it just me or does this kind of remind you, sort of, ummm, just a little tiny bit-well, just a tad...of Islam? You know the Ayatollahs don't really have a sense of humour either, and you are totally, like FOR SURE 100% on pain of death, not allowed to mock the prophet and stuff. So, the Church of Liberalism is kind of the same thing. One cannot mock the Great Prophet of Church of Liberalism and the First Black President without being raaaaaaacist, etc...

Of course, if you do mock Obama, America is not at the death penalty stage of course, but the price can be pretty steep.

Can you spell I-R-S A-U-D-I-T? Yes, I thought you could....

Remember a few weeks ago those joyless Iranians arrested the young adults singing "Happy"? 

The authorities did not approve of being happy! So there! 

Anyway, back to Steyn, glorious Steyn....

To wit:

"~Speaking of lèse-majesté, even when our sovereign liege lord is not present, it is improper to disrespect him. For example, Friday's Fourth of July parade in Norfolk, Nebraska included a float with a wooden outhouse marked "Obama Presidential Library". According to the gentlemen of the press, the float has "drawn criticism". I should certainly hope so. I assumed that the criticism it had drawn would be from freeborn citizens hoping for something a little less generic and anodyne in the way of Presidential mockery.

"...the court eunuchs of the media are huffin' an' a-puffin' about how this time the Obama-haters have gone too far:
Norfolk City Councilman Dick Pfeil told the Omaha World-Herald that he was unhappy with the float, and he wanted to make clear the city had not approved it.
"Because nothing better exemplifies the spirit of Independence Day than having your float approved by the government."

[Insert Kathy Shaidle's "You're not smart enough to tell me how to think." classic line in here. Please and thank you.]