Monday, July 7, 2014

The Glories of Socialized Medicine in Canada: Lemonade Stand Edition

The CBC has this huggy-huggy story about a little boy from British Columbia who raised over $20,000 for his best friend to have life-changing surgery for a cerebral-palsy related condition in the United States. 

First of all-props to this little guy, who is obviously a sensitive and industrious and generous friend who has been raised right. These two will be friends to the end.

Brayden Grozdanich and Quinn Callender man their lemonade stand outside a grocery store on Sunday sporting, "when life hands you lemons..." T-shirts.

But upon deeper inspection, the story is pretty troubling.

Imagine having to rely on a child and a lemonade fundraiser to get your child the medical attention that he or she needs. How great can our system be when we have to do that?

Here is the part that the CBC story misses completely.

It's hard to say if this was under-emphasized because they are oblivious or malevolent, but burying the lede is nothing new for the left-wing media.

"Brayden's right arm and leg have been affected by cerebral palsy, and he's been going through painful physiotherapy so he can walk.  But now, his father said, the boy needs surgery available in New Jersey that — if successful — could have him walking without braces."

"Travis Grozdanich said a different type of surgery is available in Canada, but it could leave his son wheelchair bound."

"In Canada, the surgery is more invasive than it is in New Jersey," said Grozdanich. 

"In New Jersey, there's the possibility he'll be walking out the hospital that same day."

So, basically, the medicare system in Canada has offered these parents the following "choice":

Have surgery in Canada, but risk your son having to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, or-raise your own money and go to America, where he could possibly walk out of the hospital on the same day as the surgery.

What would you do?