Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Mean Girls of Global Warming

Nicely done!

"Think of them as the “mean girls” of global warming."

"But notice that they’re not using mockery directly as a weapon against the skeptics. Remember back to high school, if you can. If you didn’t really care about being in the clique, they were pretty much irrelevant to you. It was only those who really wanted to fit in and be popular who got caught up in all of the manufactured drama. The mean girls are always meanest to each other."

" So the real target on which our mean girls of global warming train the power of their mockery is not the general public, nor is it the ideological right. Their target is the mainstream media."

"...their goal is to win the debate by bullying CNN and the BBC into dropping all coverage of anyone who dissents from the consensus. In effect, their strategy is to tell mainstream reporters that they can’t let themselves be seen talking with those really un-cool kids who don’t believe in global warming, because if they do, they won’t be allowed to eat their lunch at the cool kids’ table.

It's also about the MONEY, baby.