Sunday, January 10, 2016

"At Terror Memorial, French PM Laments Jewish Emigration"

Europe is really, really good at mourning dead Jews.

Dead ones are the only ones they can even moderately tolerate.

Europe is not so good at liking, never mind "protecting" real live ones.

"France’s prime minister lamented the growing number of departures of French Jews for Israel, as he and Jewish leaders honored four people gunned down in a kosher market a year ago by an attacker claiming ties to the Islamic State group."

"Saturday evening’s ceremony was part of a weekend of efforts to ease religious tensions and mark the anniversary of the attacks on the market and the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Times remain tense for France’s large Jewish and Muslim communities after a year marked by Islamic extremist violence that left more than 150 people dead."

This paragraph has lie after lie after lie. And "attack" is such a pansy word to describe what happened at Charlie Hebdo. Jihadist bloodbath comes to mind. 

Here's the truth: There are no "religious" tensions in France, or in any part of Europe. 

The battle and the terror only flow in one direction. From the Muslim community to non-Muslims. 

It is therefore completely obscene to say that "times remain tense for France's large Jewish and Muslim communities". This disgusting, unapologetic moral equivalence is part of the reason we are where we are today. It's an insidious, garbage argument that is slipped into news copy and into the public consciousness at a relentless, Orwellian pace. 

France is only tense for the people who fear getting slaughtered. Not for the perpetrators. They live very comfortably and sleep very well, thank you very much.

Meanwhile, while the PM went to the victim, M. Hollande visited an epicentre of inspiration for perpetrators.  An unannounced visit you see, just for "a short conversation and a moment of friendship and fraternity over a cup of tea". 

France is finished. Europe as well.