Sunday, January 10, 2016

Regular Germans Know What This is About

While Merkel doubles down on supporting the invasion of  Germany, the Rape Jihad has had an interesting, typically leftist evolution:

  • Nothing to see here, media omerta. 
  • Something to see here, but very small numbers, no biggie. 
  • Lots and lots of numbers, but nothing to do with migrants. 
  • Some migrants involved, but that's no big deal and let's still be humanitarians. 
  • Let's take a page out of the sharia handbook and get women to take more responsibility for their rapes. 
  • Let's fire the police commanders who tried to do something about it. 
  • Let's criminalize and prosecute 'anti-migrant' hate speech. 
  • Get majority of population to continue to shut up and lie back. 
Seems that a lot of mainstream politicians, not "far right" (who knows what that even means in Germany, where Merkel is a 'moderate' leftist) are cluing in. 

"Though Merkel has decried the assaults as "repugnant criminal acts that ... Germany will not accept," they provide fodder for those who have opposed her open-door policy and refusal to set a cap on refugee numbers."

However, the German media is starting to break rank:

"Influential Hamburg broadcaster NDR said in an opinion piece posted online Friday that such crimes threaten to push xenophobia toward the "middle of the population" -- which could lead to a backlash against refugees."

(DUH!) But by "backlash" I think they mean 'refusal to be invaded, raped and die'. They just don't have the guts yet to spell it out like that.

"And who is to blame mainly?" the editorial asked. 

"These young, testosterone-driven time bombs with their image of women from the Middle Ages."