Tuesday, January 12, 2016

French Jews in Marseille Told To Stop Looking So Jewy For Their Own Good

"Security" is the new antisemitism. 

Meanwhile in Paris, more Jews in coffins. 

"France’s Police Department is investigating the murder of a member of the Jewish community in Creteil, a suburb near Paris, who was found stabbed to death in his home on Tuesday, the French daily Metro News reports."

"Alain Ghozland was a 73-year-old Jewish man and member of former French President Sarkozy’s party, “The Republicans." He was found stabbed to death by police on Tuesday morning, after failing to show up at the community’s local synagogue for morning prayers, raising concern among his relatives, RTL reports."

This is why Sarkozy's comments ring rather hollow. 

This debate is moot. 

When a Jew cannot wear a kippah in public without fear of being slaughtered, it's time to leave. 

And it's not "just" about the Jews.

You do not want to live in places where Jews live in fear. It never gets better, and never ends well.