Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mark Steyn: "I'm Pretty Islamed Out"


"So a Mohamed and a Mohamed and a Mohamed walk into a bar ...and everyone looks the other way."

"As "brazen" as the shooting was, the Canadian media are more so. The biggest story of the New Year so far is the coordinated mass sexual assaults on women by Muslim men in multiple cities in multiple Continental countries. But the European media colluded with police and politicians in covering up the Rape of the Teuton Women - as some of them are now belatedly admitting:"

"At New Year Mohammedans targeted infidels - and ZDF said "Nothing to see here". Even as the Euro-media's cover-up is headline news across the Continent, in Calgary Mohammedans target infidels - and the Canadian media do the exact same thing."

"Occam's Razor would suggest that Mohamed and Mohamed shot up that bar for the same reason as their fellow Mohameds turned a Paris rock concert into a bloodbath and the German New Year into an auld lang rapefest - because the infidels (rockers, boozers, women) have to be intimidated into accepting the supremacy of Islam. But the salient point is too salient to mention until somewhere between the 16th and 25th paragraphs."

"Mohamed and Mohamed - and Muhammad and Mohammed and Mahomet - must occasionally wonder what they have to do to get a bad press."