Sunday, January 3, 2016

In Justin Trudeau's Canada, "Refugees" Live High Off the Hog and Better Than You

Thanks, Liberals, for wasting so much of our money. 

Buried within this article is an interesting nugget: 

"It has been revealed that the federal government is seeking to book a swath of hotel rooms in Toronto and Montreal to accommodate the influx of Syrian refugees."

"Between now and March, Ottawa needs 300 rooms daily in each of the two cities to house about 600 refugees per night, according to a notice posted Friday on a government procurement website. Suppliers will also be expected to provide meals."

"The length of stays will vary: some will leave the next morning, others will need “two or more nights.”

"Hotels will be expected to provide up to three meals a day. It states the government will reimburse up to $15 per person for breakfast, $16 for lunch and $30 for dinner."

This is completely outrageous. 

None of my working, taxpaying friends spend $15 per person per day every day on their breakfast, and certainly not $16 a day for lunch and $30 each for every dinner. 

So, for a family of five, us taxpayers are on the hook for $75 every day? I have never spent that much on breakfast for my family and I was born and raised here. 

Has the Trudeau government ever heard of Tim Hortons? 

You can get a muffin and a coffee there for about $4. 

These bogus refugees are going to be living better than most Canadian pensioners, veterans and individuals with disabilities, particularly given that they will be getting taxpayer paid dental and health benefits.