Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mark Steyn: The Ghosts of Charlie Hedbo

One year has gone by, cowardice has increased, terror attacks have increased, lawfare attacks on liberty have increased, craven capitulation has increased and therefore one can reasonably conclude that at at this juncture, the terrorists are winning.

We are living in a time that should properly be identified as World War Three, but instead, it's merely The Age of Official Lies. 

Mark Steyn:

"I think most of us understand that a huge percentage of Muslims really hate Jews. I have a high degree of tolerance for hate: I spent a lot of time in Northern Ireland during a period when many Catholics and Protestants seriously hated each other, and I came rather to appreciate the way they were entirely upfront about their mutual hatred. The problem here is that in the biggest resurgence of Jew-hate since the Second World War we're not allowed to say who hates Jews."

"That's why free speech matters. Without free speech, there are only the official lies - about who's killing Jews in Copenhagen, who's sexually assaulting women in Cologne - and there is nothing to say in response to either except to crank up the old joanna for one more chorus of "Imagine".

"What happened on January 7th 2015 was terrible. But our response to it made it more terrible, and emboldened civilization's enemies."

As Steyn has identified, the standard hit parade of jihadist conquest is: Jews, gays, women. Nobody was particularly bothered when it was "just" Jews. There was precious little squawking by the LGBTQ (and add any additional, obligatory Alphabet Soup letters here) when gays were added to the list because ISRAEL APARTHEID (duh!), and there was a super human effort to ignore the girls and women aspect up to now, but this one is apparently 'too big to fail'. 

Germany was attacked not by lone wolves, but a coordinated, prowling pack.

Europe is now chock full of its own civilization's enemies, indeed emboldened. Submission complete.