Thursday, January 7, 2016

So Great: Virtue Signalling On Muuhssslim Vs. Muslim, Issslohm vs. Islam

This is so great. 

"Those on the Left pronounce these two words the way a native Arabic speaker would, as a way of signaling their sympathy for the American-Muslim population. They are indicating they identify with this population and they have their backs."

"In other words, they aren’t like those nasty, Muslim-hating Republicans. They understand Islam and respect it, and they know it has nothing to do with jihad and terrorism. This pronunciation is code for “I’m not Islamaphobic.” The Left is making their opinions and politics known with the simple shift in pronunciation of these two key words."

Ed Driscoll:

"So leftwing virtue-signaling, to coin a phrase. But then, the left has been in this habit long before BHO began uttering words like Pock-eeee-staaaahhhhn; recall how the earlier, funnier Saturday Night Live used to mock the media for endlessly drawing out words like Nicaragggggggggua and Sandooooooneeeeeeesta back in the late 1980s:"