Monday, January 11, 2016

Steyn: Turning Your Country Into An Insoluble Problem

Many thanks to Mark Steyn for directing readers to my site, and to my collection of weekend posts on the decline of Western civilization. 

Steyn has helpfully (if one can call it that) put together the blueprint of stages of grief for a dying culture. He notes that "all the stories are different, and all the stories are the same". 


Please also note: 

That little nugget is exactly the same kind of "magnificent compression" that Steyn has noted about the recently departed George Jonas.

On Jonas, Steyn rightly points out "He was a wit, which is a higher art than being a jokester," said Mark Steyn, a longtime friend and colleague."

"His elegance had a magnificent compression to it, which I think comes in part from writing poetry or writing opera libretti, in both disciplines of which you have to say it in a very short space of time."

But now, back to Steyn's Five Stages of Loss and Grief for the Western World:

"Denial: Mass Muslim immigration isn't a problem.

Anger: The real problem is those Islamophobes who think mass Muslim immigration is a problem.

Bargaining: So we'll be okay if we just rein in a few peripheral rights like free speech.

Depression: But funnily the old multiculti utopia doesn't seem quite so vibrant now that all the gays and Jews and uncovered women are gone.

Acceptance: Still, life's okay as long as you're culturally sensitive and don't provoke anyone by wearing short skirts or leaving the house."

It's the sad, honest truth.