Monday, January 11, 2016

"The Western Spring"

A decidedly fine essay from Richard Hernandez at PJ Media. 

I was saying to Kathy Shaidle earlier today that I feel like the Cologne Rape Jihad is a tiny, tiny 'tipping point'. Not a major one, but certainly some kind of milestone we will note in the future as perhaps the start of  some kind of fight back, some kind of counter-push to save Western civilization. I really hope the complacent masses can eke out a response because we're running short on time.

We are both trying to find some shred of optimism in the current Pile of Dreck that is current liberal policy in the Western world.

No way in hell is Trump going to apologize. So it's gonna get good.


"News that CAIR has demanded an apology from Donald Trump for evicting a Muslim protester at his rally and reports that left-wing protesters and police have turned out in force to bottle up "far-right" demonstrators in Germany bookend a single story. It's on -- the long-awaited fight against PC orthodoxy is finally on. Trump is unlikely to apologize, and CAIR is even more unlikely to back down. With 3 million Middle Eastern and African refugees due to arrive in Europe this year, the clashes between German protesters are only likely to intensify."
"The commotion you hear is not going to stop, it will only get worse. The Western Spring is finally here, and before it's done it threatens to change everything."

"The tension between the forces of political correctness and the pent-up forces of repressed cultural traditions is now bursting like a spring wound up beyond containment."

By the way, I'd like to send out a very special f&ck you to anyone who agrees with Muslim cultural appropriation of the Holocaust of all things. They aren't the new Jews, as far as Jews are concerned, they are the neo-Nazis. And I send an even bigger, more special f&ck you to the commie, pinko Jew standing with that loathsome shrew. 

It takes a particularly disgusting, odious, Jew-hating, sick and obscene mind to put a Jewish star on a Muslim. It's a pathetic insult to Jews, and to all victims of the Nazis. Of course the sickening mainstream media and CAIR were in bed together for this. 

(Must read.) 

"Muslims wearing a yellow badge while claiming to be suffering like Jews is as sick and evil as Nazis wearing a yellow star. It's the ultimate depravity."