Monday, June 11, 2012

Bernie Farber: In a Tizzy

I can't say it better than Kathy and Scaramouche.

Scaramouche follows Bernie on Twitter. I don't have the stomach or the patience for that.

But it is weird. Check out this Tweet.

Apparently, Nazis are rejoicing all over Canada!

I'm thinking either Bernie just called the people he disagrees with Nazis, or there is some kind of wild and crazy Nazi party going on at some secret location somewhere in the heart of Red Neck Whiteyville, Canada and I didn't get the memo-or the invitation.

(I'm really fun at parties-my Mom and Dad tell me so...)

Where are the legions of "rejoicing Nazis"?

Can I see the evidence-the photos?

The photo in the HuffPo link that Kathy posted-the one that links to Stormfront-has a picture of the dozen or so weenie-brains who demonstrated in Calgary last year. Unfortunately for Bernie et all, the counter-protestors outnumbered the "neo-Nazis" quite significantly (16 or so "white supremacists" and about 200 counter-protestors).

Apparently, there were 16 dorks at that event,

(The Canadian Press/Globe & Mail article is off-line, but I found some Flickr photos.) 

Jews suck at genocide, and clearly, Canadians suck at White Supremacist movements.

But just keep fighting those old battles if it makes you feel good about yourself, rejoice ye Nazis, rejoice, etc..