Friday, June 29, 2012

"Nothing U.S Government Can't Tax"

This is probably the clearest explanation about the Supreme Court decision that I have read so far. I'm trying to limit what I read about it because the thought of 1/6th of the American economy being controlled by the government is just too horrific to contemplate at the moment.

This is by Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital: 

"The Supreme Court decision is devastating for the economy and individual liberty."

"Apart from creating an all-powerful federal government, changing substantially what it means to be an American, the law will send health care costs soaring, further undermining our economy. It will destroy jobs, impoverish millions, and lead to much higher inflation and lower living standards."

"It will give Romney a club to use against Obama during the election."

(This is the only good thing I can think of within the entire mess...)

"Obama will have a lot of explaining to do as he strongly stated during the debate to pass the bill that the individual mandate is not a tax.The Supreme Court just said it was."

"Based on this ruling, here are examples of what the government can now do: Tax you for going to church. Tax you for not going to church. Tax you for protesting. Tax you for not protesting. Tax you for expressing a controversial opinion. Tax you for joining or not joining a particular organization. Tax you for writing something controversial. Tax you for speaking or writing critically of government."

"Basically, there is nothing the government can't do, so long as it does it as a tax."

The same Americans who content that health care is "unaffordable" have now "found" the money to support a health bureaucracy that equals 1/6 of the American economy. This is insanity.