Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jason Kenney-Conservative Government Badass!

"We'll send you packing.."

Love it!

On the John Oakley show this morning, Kenny talked about this proposed bill and another one that rightly seeks to cut dental and vision care benefits that are given to refugees-benefits that regular Canadian citizens either do not have, or that they have to pay for out-of-pocket.

There is no reason for refugee claimants to receive medical and paramedical services that are better than those that Canadian citizens receive.

Kenney said that landed immigrants will still have 'their day in court' but that it has been very frustrating for Canadians to witness chronic abuses of the appeal process by landed immigrants and/or refugees-particularly when they are given sentences that are "two years less a day".

Me thinks the liberal, activist judiciary has really met its match with this bill-and it's really a wonderful thing to see.

Here's a good backgrounder from Maclean's written by Michael Friscolanti-a top notch feature and news reporter who was at the National Post but was wooed to Maclean's by Kenneth Whyte. 

One of the most notorious cases, of course, is the ongoing case and appeals circus with respect to this charming fellow.

He still calls himself a "freedom fighter". 

Perhaps he has now met his match in the Harper government?

Let's hope so.