Sunday, June 24, 2012

In June 2012, So Much Hate Exploded in Canada That the Entire World Blew Up

Yes-in June, 2012 all the Jews of Canada were suddenly D-E-A-D. An incredible TSUNAMI of HATE washed upon the shores of Canada, and it was all the fault of the eeeeevil Stephen Harper and his eeeevil henchmen: The Mean Yucky Bloggers who cheered him on as his hateful MP stuck a nail into the coffin of Section 13.

The reaction was swift. Hate started spilling over into every aspect of Canadian life. Synagogues were closed, Jewish schools shut down, Jews were afraid to go to work. They got fired, and people spat at them on the street. And nasty conservative writers like Mark Steyn and TV bullies like Ezra Levant walked around in sacks and put ashes on their heads, and wore sandwich boards saying: Bernie, You Were Right After All.


Section 13 is dead: SO WHAT?

Get a load of this article by Bernie Farber, and see who his hero is. At least Bernie can't speak officially on behalf of the entire Jewish community anymore. Now, he's just a lone, extreme left Jewish "human rights" activist, trying to keep his name in the public consciousness before he gets appointed (or in order to make the case that he is the right person for the job) Ontario Human Rights Tsar when Barbara Hall's term ends.

BTW: Here's some hate speech that Bernie re-posted (ha!). The irony meter goes off the scales:

So, I'm quoting it, too. Just for fun:

“kill anyone who is not white because god says so.”
“god says rise up and kill all whites who date blacks.”
“i saw a film clip on the holohoax were (sic) a kid and his mother were separated in the camps! imagine how more worse the world would be if hitler hadnt (sic) fried all those jews! i wish i could have been in charge of the gas chambers!”


I can't believe I am still alive today!

Someone wrote crappy "hate speech" on the internet, and HERE I AM.

I hate fat, sweaty chicks who wear too much perfume on hot days, thinking they can cover up their disgusting, porcine fat smell by bathing in "Charlie" or a fragrance by a slut-of-the-day singer. They don't need to be fried, but they need to be sent to fat camp. So sue me!

I hate auto-tune on pop music. It really, really sucks!!

I think it's pretty funny that people think that Jews control the media. So, people think we control the media.

Big deal. Whoop-de-doo.

I hate when people-Jewish "human rights" activists especially, bury their whiny liberal heads in the sand like ostriches, ignoring current threats to the Jewish people, and project all of their Holocaust insecurities on a bunch of pathetic internet comments. I hate it when Jews like that give the majority of Canadian Jews a bad name, and make us look like a bunch of whining bullies and crybabies who haven't got a thick enough skin to brush off a insult without crying for state protection.

In fact, the more I think about it-in this case, it appears to me less about a state security blanket, but rather a strategy of a deplorable, self-appointed anointed Jewish elitist to shut people up and penalize them for not believing in the utopian fantasy of ridding the world of "hate".

What a disgrace.