Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mark Steyn's Free Speech Marksterpiece

Eeeeeeeeeeetzz Aliiiiiiiive!!

STEYN:  "I hate to say I told you so. Actually, I don't.  I love it." 

Warning: This publication contains right-wing titillation.

Of course, you have to read the entire thing!

Agree with Kathy of course...Differential Diagnosis: EPIC.

It's much more than just an obituary for Section 13, it's...get ready.....wait for's.....

Moderately arousing! 

I sure hope Maclean's servers are ready for the avalanche.

The number of hits will no doubt make a very compelling business case for a (ahem, cough, cough, hint, hint) return of Steyn to Maclean's.

Read Kathy's piece too, for devastating "attic humour".



You know, Jews wouldn't have needed anyone's attics if they had noticed earlier that the state was their enemy, not their friend.

The state was not protecting Jews with laws controlling speech, speech was just one major pillar of control.

See Mark Steyn here in The Corner.

Controls on speech, and systematic stripping of the civil liberties of Jews paved the way to more extreme race-based laws. "If" Jews had guns is a big theoretical argument that can't be proven.

The real lesson of the Holocaust is that Jews need weapons to protect themselves: not laws against 'hateful' speech and promises of state protection.

It's "illegal" in a lot of places to say bad (mean) things about Jews. But when an armed terrorist barges into a Jewish school or a synagogue, you can be damned sure I'd rather there be someone there with a loaded gun than an emasculated Jew frantically waving about a copy of a hate speech law ("Didn't you get the memo about hate speech???? Can't we all get along???")

Fortunately, Jews do have guns now. Lots in fact. We do have a lot of morons also-but that's a whole other conversation.

However, we also have nukes, which makes the likelihood of another Holocaust much, much lower.

It's not that the desire to annihilate the Jewish people has dissipated, it is just going to be much harder to make a really good dent again in our numbers.