Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Glenn Beck: Mensch

Here's Joanne Hill in the Jewish Tribune on Glenn Beck's recent appearance in Toronto. 

A lovely piece. And as I mentioned to Joanne, although I don't believe that Rabbi Schneerson was the messiah-as some adherents of Chabad do, Chabad and Lubavitch philosophy is life-affirming and sanctifies the holiness of life. I am always very moved by the writings of Chabad Rabbis on the meaning of life and also, on living a meaningful life.

Chabad has a lot of very important and enriching life lessons-not just for Jews, but for non-Jews as well.

The entire movement and its spirit of giving, and its elevation of the holiness of the human individual is the antithesis of the narcissistic, self-absorbed mainstream culture of today. I'd advise everyone reading this to take a peek at Chabad's web site now and again for very inspiring and sustaining wisdom that never fails to intellectually and philosophically challenge.