Friday, June 22, 2012

Dr. Lastname-One of the Smartest People on Da Interwebzzz


If you want good advice, you need to have this site on your list of favourites.

Dr. Lastname needs a radio show and a book-actually several books. Plus a pod cast.

The advice here is outstanding, full of common sense and his writing partner is an excellent writer as well.

Here is a little bit of wisdom regarding relatives who are screw ups: 

"It’s normal to believe that most of the undisciplined, close-relative fuckups you know could have been helped by a good swift kick in the pants while they were growing up."

"It’s also normal to retain this belief regardless of evidence to the contrary, such as said relative’s remaining a fuckup despite lots of expertly-placed kicks in the ass by well-meaning, if probably irritated, friends, teachers, relatives, therapists, etc"

"In other words, we want to believe that fuck-ups are fuck-ups because they make bad choices, rather than because they’re fucked up. False hope springs eternal, except on this site, where it finds an eternal resting place."

This is a magnificent paragraph:

"Ask yourself what your goal is if it turns out that she’s an incurable fuck-up who sees herself as mistreated by a mean family that punishes her for her bad luck and makes her feel guilty when she tries to grab a little happiness."

(This is applicable to friends as well as relatives, of course.)

"Some people blame themselves for bad luck (see above); fuck-ups blame everybody else for their own bad habits. You can see then why a come-to-Jesus talk about growing up and being less self-centered would probably stiffen her victim-identity and create conflict that would do no good for her child. You can also see why your goal had better include lots of restraint. "


Dr. Lastname WINS the internet today!

Your prize is a set of Ginsu knives, a K-Tel Disco Hits album and an Obama car bobblehead!