Tuesday, June 19, 2012

VDH: The New American Helots

Very astute article by historian Victor Davis Hanson, looking at the new American class of "helots". 

It's about the entire generation of young Americans (Canadians, too) who have fluffy degrees but can't do much of anything.

"Overpriced colleges are rarely truthful about the new Helotage."

"For example, often they offer incoming students Club Med–like gym privileges: rock-climbing walls, aerobics and yoga classes, and hip weight rooms. Such glitzy distractions fool students into thinking that they are already part of the privileged classes — without awareness that upon graduation, few of the newly indebted will make enough to enjoy commensurate perks at private clubs on their own dime."

"Strip away the fancy degrees, the trendy fluff classes, the internships with prestigious employers, and the personal gadgets, and a new generation of indebted and jobless students has about as much opportunity as the ancient indentured Helots."

The bubble is going to burst, as will the helot bubble around President Obama. It's just a question of when.