Monday, June 18, 2012

Breaking News From Germany (Not)

"Neo-Nazis" (white, right-wing) helped neo-Nazis (Palestinian terrorists) murder Israeli Olympic athletes.

Imagine that!

"The men who were arrested in the Munich house of former Waffen-SS member Charles Jochheim [Ed note: hey, nice touch...] late on Oct. 27, 1972 were armed like soldiers on their way to the front. In one suitcase, police found three Kalashnikov automatic rifles, six magazines, 174 rounds of ammunition, two pistols, a revolver and six Belgian-made hand grenades."

"The two men who were arrested were also carrying other weapons. Wolfgang Abramowski had weapons hidden in his waistband, while his accomplice, Willi Pohl, was carrying two pistols and a hand grenade, according to a Munich police investigative report."

Read the whole article here. 

Pohl apparently escaped to Beirut.

Exit question: Do you think this is the same Wolfgang Abramowski? 

How many Wolfgang Abramowski's could there be in Germany?

The demographic seems to fit, and let's say it wouldn't surprise me that he was in higher education in Germany.