Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reading List, Listening List

I've read some great books in the past few months, "Demonic" by Ann Coulter was amazing, and I've just finished John Derbyshire's conservative doom-porn book on conservative pessimism.

I'm working my way through Thomas Sowell's "Basic Economics" and also am reading "The New Antisemitism" by Phyllis Chesler. Lots of good reads for me to catch up on in the summer months and if you have any recommendations please drop me a line (no fiction though, I really don't have time for fiction).

I have to admit that I am struggling through Robert Kagan's "The World America Made". I find his prose a little clunky and boring, but I'm determined to finish it and I may post some thoughts on it at a later point in time. It's certainly not wowing me and I'm almost done.

And a little bird gave me a musical gift, so I'm taking a small break from talk radio in the car and listening to this CD set-AWESOME!

Hot stuff!
Everyone with Etta is like OH YAH "AT LAST" I LIKE "AT LAST".... ZZZZZ

I have to say that song is 99% wrecked for me because Beyonce sang it at the inauguration gala of Barack Obama. Blech. Double blech.  

Have I ever mentioned that the 12 bar blues are one of the most amazing musical inventions of all time? There is just NO END to what you can do with the 12 bar blues. It just makes sense, always. It always resolves the right way (unlike life sometimes).

Listen to this, I love this song. I love the horn section and how the song just rolls because of the emphasis on beat 2 and 4.

This is more like it....Enjoy!