Friday, June 15, 2012

Steyn Returns to Maclean's-The Free Speech Marksterpiece!

Just read the very good news article on the demise of Section 13 in this week's issue of Maclean's. 

However, the newsie piece is just an appetizer for the piece, deliciously titled "I HATE TO SAY I TOLD YOU SO. ACTUALLY, I DON'T. I LOVE IT."

Now, I'm using ALL CAPS because they did in the Maclean's header. But not even ALL CAPS, which is the internet equivalent OF YELLING FROM A ROOFTOP REALLY REALLY LOUDLY, can express  my joy and satisfaction about this piece.

It's not on line yet-I promise it is worth a few toonies and loonies to pick it up from the newsstand. There are so many favourite bits-it's hard to pick just one, and I don't want to give away the whole gantze megillah, but here are a few nuggets:

-A very generous and apt shout out to my friend Kathy "you're too stupid to tell me what to think" Shaidle.
-A pithy, hilarious, devastatingly accurate and stinging roast of all of the (white, liberal) Canadian seamen on the Good Ship Stupid (ACK!)
-The most epic, most-smackdowns-in-a-single-paragraph, summary of the pathetically dhimmified, wussified, liberal Jews of Canada (and indeed-North America) that I've ever seen.

(For some recent, absolutely pathetic "On Behalf of the Jews" tripe, please see here. Lefty Jews in Canada have their knickers in a complete pretzel knot about the Scary Harper Conservatives again. All this "Tikkun Olam" crap is giving me a headache. Apparently Tikkun Olam Syndrome is contagious-even Justin Trudeau has the Tikkun Olam Fe-Vah!)

Forgive me Maclean's and Mark Steyn, but I gotta type out the good stuff right now!!!

"There is a tragic quality to the obtuseness of what Ezra Levant calls Canada's "official Jews". Europe is awash in explicit Jew-hatred on a scale unseen since the Second World War: synagogues are burned, schools are attacked, children are murdered, and even on quieter days, Jews are enjoined to walk around Toulouse and Amsterdam and Malmo without ay identifying marks of their faith."

"In Calgary, demonstrators of a certain, ahem, religio-cultural background march under placards proclaiming "Death to the Jews!" In Toronto, their comrades stand on sidewalks and express enthusiasm for a new Holocaust. But, as long as there's one last penniless loser neo-Nazi getting his swastika tramp-stamp touched up at the tattoo parlor in Redneck Junction, Bernie knows his priorities. Canada's "human rights" regime is less than useless against real threats to social tranquility, but it does enable cardboard crusaders to enjoy cosy sinecures pursuing phantom enemies."

Less than useless.

Indeed. Harmful.

Deleterious to Jewish, and Western survival in fact.

Where the Jews go-or are sent-due to a lack of proper and fitting resistance, so will the West unless freedom warriors step up, as Mark Steyn has.

Thank you Mark Steyn, Maclean's, and Ezra Levant for spearheading an incredible defense of liberty and freedom, and to Brian Storseth (Conservative MP for Westlock-St. Paul) and the Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and a special shout out to the Prime Minister's resident, inspiring bad ass Jason Kenney, for putting the long-overdue, proverbial nail in Section 13's coffin.

The death of Canadian censorship-it's a beautiful thing.

Now stick that in yer Tikkun Olam hookah and smoke it!