Thursday, June 14, 2012


Mourning the loss of Section hoo!

Funny how no mention is made of the Sockpuppets demand of Maclean's magazine that their opinion be published in the magazine, with a cover story, if I recall correctly.

Boo hoo:

"With Section 13 gone, we are left with only the Criminal Code, which provides for up to two years in jail for spreading hate against identifiable groups"

That piece of the Criminal Code is stupid and archaic as well.

Why not hate?

I hate some things-so what? We are a society of overgrown babies if we send people to jail for hating other people and "spreading" hate. 

Like Kathy says: we need more hate. People are not honest about their feelings. It's human to like and dislike things, people, places, ideas, smells, foods. We're not robots.

I will fight any and all attempts to legislate my thoughts. I reserve the right to hate.