Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Putting the "Mental" in Environmental

Eco-fanatics are mentally ill.

"On the afternoon of May 2, two EPA agents, accompanied by a six-foot-six armed police officer, knocked on Kelly's door.  According to Kelly, the agents "presented very official looking badges and asked if we could sit and chat awhile. We moved to the back porch and took our seats with the exception of the armed officer who stood by the door to the house the entire time."

"Keller was asked by EPA agent Michael Woods if he had sent an email to an EPA employee. Initially Keller answered "No," but soon recalled the email to Gray. Woods then produced a copy of the email and asked if it was the email Keller sent.  Keller answered, "Yes."

According to Keller, the second agent said Keller's email was very "suspicious" and could be interpreted in "many different ways."

" Keller asked the agent to be specific, saying he didn't have anything to hide."

"He also pointed out that the email clearly revealed all of his contact information.  Irritated, Keller told the agents "they have bigger fish to fry" than drive across the entire state to follow up on an un-threatening email. "

"He also reminded them he is a taxpayer who helps provide their salaries."