Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Real "War on Women" By Thomas Sowell

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Thomas Sowell?

(Yes, I have-I know, whateverskiiiiiis...)

Must read: The Real War on Women

"If you are looking for a real war on women, you might look at the practice of aborting girl babies after an ultrasound picture shows that they are girls. These abortions are the most basic kind of discrimination, and their consequences have already been demonstrated in countries like China and India, where sexually discriminatory abortions and female infanticide have produced an imbalance in the number of adult males and females."
"A bill to outlaw sexually and racially discriminatory abortions has been opposed and defeated by House Democrats."

I read somewhere (haven't seen the movie yet) that Sacha Baron Cohen has a line in his new movie where he asks a pregnant lady something like: Are you having a boy, or an abortion?

Gendercide-that's what it is.