Sunday, June 10, 2012

Warren Kinsella Spews Hate on the Internet!

Scaramouche found this irony-challenged column this morning. 

Kinsella writes: "Nigger. Faggot. Paki. Chink."

He also uses "kike".

I actually couldn't care less if someone calls me "kike" on the Internet, and I'd like it even better if they did it to my face. Because kike-hate has little to do with Jews, it's more about the rotted-soul fools who are delivering this message (see: oldest hatred).

I like the fact that I can see Jew-hate up close and personal, rather than a country-club style "oh some of my best friends are Jews, and I don't hate Jews I just hate Israel" kind of thing.

Kinsella says that "haters" who are happy about the elimination of Section 13 just don't know what they are talking about because they have obviously never suffered a "web attack".

I'm not really sure what a "web attack" is but it sounds pretty dorky.

This part is really freaky-deaky:

"What I favour is citizen-based advocacy, with no human rights commissions or Criminal Code provisions being necessary at all. Make it easier for identifiable groups to sue for defamation; that is the best way for a society to express itself. "

That is actually an astonishing assertion.

The best way for a society to express itself is to sue one another for defamation.

Is that really the kind of society that you want to live in? Kinsella's verison of the best society is "identifiable" groups suing each others asses ad infinitum!

That should freak people out.

Kinsella instructs us:

"Close your eyes and imagine for a moment you are a Jew, and your upset kids announce they’ve received e-mails covered in swastikas and “DEATH TO THE JEWS.”

OK. I did that.

ZZZZZZZZZZ now what? Is that a "web attack"? So boring.

People actually did that in downtown Toronto not that long ago, and nothing happened except that Kathy Shaidle got called a racist. The police, and the Canadian Jewish Congress did nothing.

For more on Kinsella's censorship fetish, please refer to Mark Steyn: Gagging Us Softly.