Wednesday, August 22, 2012

America the Insane

Apparently, there is a spanking new recruitment effort being undertaken by the Eric Holder Justice Department.

There are certain types of folks being specifically targeted: dwarfs, mentally retarded, and individuals with severe psychiatric problems (ie: batshit crazy).

There is even a very special form for crazy people and retarded people and other very special people to use in order to "self-identify" their very special disabilities.

It's called "Standard Form 256, Self Identification Disability". That's pretty clear!

This is not a joke.

I personally don't think dwarfs should go into the same category as crazy and retarded because dwarfism is not a mental condition or psychiatric condition. They function intellectually just like regular folks. So in the pursuit of recruiting crazy people and retarded people-which in itself is kind of a crazy and retarded thing to do, they have insulted dwarfs. This is very offensive and I think lawyers who are dwarfs should sue Eric Holder's ass for categorizing them in the same category as crazy and retarded potential recruits.

A class action suit (Dwarfs vs. Holder) would be so awesome.

Now, not only do the crazy and retarded not have to really "compete" for the jobs (read the article), they also don't even have to have practiced law for a year (the usual requirement).


So, in short, America's laws are well on the way to being intentionally "enforced" by the least competitive, inexperienced, crazy, retarded and mentally disabled lawyers in the country ("Are we there yet??? Are we there yet????).

Plus, there are extra special race recruitment efforts going on as well.

Click here for the whole, extra bonus Celebrate Diversity recruitment plan diktat.

Carry on, and have a great day!

Obviously, there is nothing to worry about here...