Monday, August 27, 2012

The Barbarians Are Still Not Satisfied

So, let's recap...

A young girl, who may be only 11 years old and have Down Syndrome and is part of the heavily persecuted Christian minority in Pakistan is being held in a maximum security prison because a hoarde of seething barbarians accused her of having burnt pages of the Koran in her possession. However, it is also not known if they were in fact pages of the Koran (not that that matters at all given the circumstances) because the frothing, blood-thirsty masses are largely illiterate of Arabic themselves.

These are our "allies".

This story should have already inspired some enlightened country like Canada to offer asylum. I'm looking at you Jason Kenney and at you Prime Minister Stephen Harper. We take in plenty of refugees with far poorer credentials and bona fides.

This society is truly barbaric and impervious to reason.

This is the reason why the fight against blasphemy laws is not just a local problem for people in far away lands.

Blasphemy laws cannot exist in harmony with democracy, or democratic living.

The proponents and practitioners of blasphemy laws are simply not worthy of respect by first world nations.

Blasphemy laws endanger all of us in the free world and should be one of the litmus tests governing bilateral relations between Western nations and their unenlightened, primitive fellow states.

Internet petitions, however well intentioned, will not do anything for this young girl and her family.

An offer of asylum is the civilized, right thing to do.

Will Canada step up?