Monday, August 20, 2012

My Interview on the Charles Adler Show-Radioactive!!!

We discussed a couple of really important stories concerning disabled young people and these stories really get me fired up.

Here is an audio clip from the show.

Kathy suggests that we start by nuking Afghanistan-and only then nuke Pakistan.

I asked her if it's OK if instead we start by nuking the incredibly fat, sweaty women wearing Charlie perfume who always seem to pick a seat next to me on the subway.

The debate continues...

The first story is about the autistic young man from America who has been rejected for a heart transplant.

Read about it here. 

The second story comes to us from the tribal, barbarian, wasteland known as Pakistan. I cannot think of a single thing, not a single thing that makes Pakistan redeemable.

In fact, every time I hear a story about this festering cesspool of hot headed primitives, I wonder if it's really the rock bottom story. I don't think there is a bottom.

Now, the life of a Christian Down Syndrome girl is at risk for allegedly burning some pages of a Koran (doubtful) and she could be put to death for blasphemy.

Disgusting barbarians.