Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Epidemic Rape Jihad in Scandinavia

How many children under 15, and women in these countries need to be raped before authorities do something about it? 

There are now 5 (reported) rapes per day in Stockholm, Sweden.

Local media (reluctantly, I imagine) reports that rapes of children under 15 account for the largest increase.

What is the rape tipping point for Scandinavia? 

What is the magic number of rape victims at the hands of immigrants that will have to be surpassed before it is enough?

The innocence and trust and security of exactly how many women and children needs to be violated by barbarians before the gods of political correctness and niceties are satisfied?

How many more women and children's physical and mental lives must be thrown onto the pyre of the European elite's evil disregard for reality and disregard for the safety and well-being of native born citizens?

Don't Scandinavian women and children deserve to live a life with significantly better odds against getting raped?

I guess not.