Sunday, August 12, 2012

France Really Completely and Totally Sucks

France is really pathetic.

They happily collaborated with Nazis, then imported vast numbers of unproductive immigrants who have changed the French cultural landscape permanently. France has seasons of car-be-ques in the summer months, out of control "yoots" that cannot be assimilated, and many areas that are quaintly known as urban no-go zones.

Now, the French, having elected a socialist leader, are eating their own rich. They are going to be taxing their brethren dumb enough to stay in the country at a rate of 75%.

Anyway, I suspect that France will be the first Muslim country in Europe. I believe the population is just over 10% Muslim, which is an astonishing demographic fact-an irreversible one at that.

The whole society is quite sick. This is most noticeable within the cadres of the French elite-and by elite-I mean first and foremost, the French media.

Apparently, there is "fury" after the interviews with the Toulouse murderer Mohamed Merah were aired on French TV.


Who actually is outraged?

French civilization seems to be completely inoculated against outrage when it comes to the brutal murder of Jews. Totally lobotomized against feeling any sense of sympathy toward the spilling of Jewish blood.

This is what the French elites, and European elites in general have imported into their midst:

In the audio clips, broadcast by TF1, Merah tells a negotiator:

"I know you may kill me, it's a risk I'm taking. So there you are, you know you're confronting a man who doesn't fear death. I love death the way you love life."

So there you are. 

Au revoir, France. 

So there you are.