Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Who Cares About the United Church of Canada?

I am hereby putting a personal moratorium on reading, talking about, linking to, or opening any more e-mail about the ridiculously wacky, Jew-hating, stupid idiot filled, boycott crazy, Israel-loathing United Church of Canada and its pathetic Judenhaas badly camouflaged as political activism and social justice whatever.

I don't give a single care in the world that a bunch of butt-ugly, unhappy, unthinking, not-even-really-mininmally Christan losers think of Jews, or Israel and that they don't want to buy Israeli cucumbers, tomatoes or olives.

I don't think anyone in Israel cares about these morons, and neither should you. 


This "church" has about 17 members in all of Canada.

This is the "church" that nobody goes to unless they have no life. You just won't see masses of happy families with children at these churches, full of joy, with choirs happily singing the praises of Jesus-the Jew, at the top of their lungs.

These are not the Christians that anyone who loves Israel should care about. Seriously. There are plenty of other things for Jews to worry about rather than this completely idiotic, publicity-starved group of obscenely transparent Jew-haters and their political agenda.

These are not souls that can be "won" over to the Jewish or Zionist cause. They are not going to be making pilgrimages to the Holy Land unless it is to throw rocks at IDF soldiers, help Machsom Watch women harass and provoke soldiers at check points or have haiku breakfasts with Palestinians in Jenin or something. 

Jews who care about Israel and non-Jews who care about Israel, yes YOU my philo-semitic friends (I love you guys), have to direct your attention to other, more productive uses of your time. 

Publicity for these morons is like oxygen.

They cannot BUY the kind of publicity that they are getting for free due to their advocacy campaigns. They say another pathetic Jew-hating thing and the media jumps to it like Pavlov's dog. The Jewish organizations get involved for various reasons (bored, no real antisemitism, fundraising, staying in the public consciousness so that their organizations don't dry up completely) and then there is more coverage.


We need to all stop talking about them, stop linking to their latest idiotic and insignificant declarations, publications and proclamations and every last shriek that they utter.

They can seriously KMZT: kiss my Zionist tuches while I dance the hora, eating Jaffa oranges, olives from Kibbutz Yavne and drinking fine Kosher red wine (dry) from the Galilee.

So there.