Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Childishness of the American Left

This article contains a healthy reminder that the United States isn't "facing" bankruptcy, it is actually bankrupt.



This is what the election is about-facing the harsh reality or more delusion.

"The reaction of the self-described progressives to this dire scenario?"

"Sweep the facts under the rug or ignore them completely, as it appears that the most important things in their lives are the legalization of gay marriage, free contraceptives and abortifacients, worshiping at the altar of extreme and discredited environmentalism, mocking and undermining all organized religion (except Islam), and telling the American people what they can eat, where they can live, what may be taught in their schools, how they must operate their businesses, and what health care they can access."


That's gotta hurt. 

Nicely said.

This is also well put: 

"To the true believers on the left, re-electing Barack Obama is not a matter of what is or is not good for the country; rather, for the majority on the left, the primary motivation is geared solely toward defeating their sworn enemy: conservatives and Republicans, whom many falsely believe are a right-wing horde determined to create a theocracy and impose old-fashioned morality.  But what they fear most from the right is a determination to reinstitute unfettered individual freedom and concomitant economic growth, which would relegate the American left to the back bench of American society."