Sunday, August 19, 2012

Great, Just Great

Toronto Police become sharia enforcers?

Apparently so.

Read more about the Khomenipalooza at Blazing Catfur and check out a summary article from Michael Coren via Kathy. 

UPDATE: Oooh. Here is scaramouche's assessment of the day. 

I'm also of two minds on this stuff, as a long-time activist and also as someone who has lived in Israel.

This kind of Judenhaas does not really affect Israelis or Israeli policy, IDF policy or the existence of the state of Israel. Most Israelis don't really care that rabid Jew-haters are demonstrating all around the world, in fact-living in Israel makes you very insulated from that kind of of antisemitism (Palestinian terror of course abounds).

I think that scaramouche has it right that it is a wake-up call for the regular citizens of a country to see what kind of immigrants are being allowed into their country, and it's it is a window for regular citizens to assess for themselves what kind of impact these types of folks have on the fabric of any given nation.