Monday, August 20, 2012

Why Do the British Love Their Terrible, Sub-Par Socialized Medical System?

Americans: Welcome to Obama Care. 

This is what happens in the Canadian socialized system as well. 

"...the principal damage that the NHS inflicts is intangible."

"Like any centralized health-care system, it spreads the notion of entitlement, a powerful solvent of human solidarity. Moreover, the entitlement mentality has a tendency to spread over the whole of human life, creating a substantial number of disgruntled ingrates."

"And while the British government long refrained from interfering too strongly in the affairs of the medical profession, no government can forever resist the temptation to exercise its latent powers. Eventually, it will dictate—because that is what governments and their associated bureaucracies, left to their own devices, and of whatever political complexion, do.."