Thursday, August 30, 2012

Miscellaneous Notes From A Sunny August Day

Some thoughts from my "staycation".

Being a parent means that getting up at 8:00 is an extra, super deluxe sleep-in. Sleep is for weaklings, and most people get too much sleep.

However, solid, uninterrupted sleep is really golden and Naps Reign Supreme.

There are a lot of people who have too many tattoos on their bodies and too many piercings. There are also a lot of women with fake boobs in the suburbs. You see them at public pools and they preclude the need for any other type of personal floatation device. I guess implants have become more affordable, or can be put on payment plans?

Fake nails are also epidemic and bad taste is very evident from toe fashions and I can't believe I actually just wrote that-"toe fashion". 

Kids need to take swimming lessons and feel confident in the water. Being a lifeguard is also a very good part-time job for a kid and is a position of real respect and responsibility. 

A  banana split with whipped cream, shared by an entire family, with each person poking at the gooey parts, fishing for the sprinkles and the nuts is more than delicious. It's a little slice of pure joy.

A kid wearing freshly laundered pajamas with nice smelling after-bath hair is the heavenly smell of parenting that has no competition.

A grilled steak on the BBQ is a summer delight.

A conversation with each of my parents as night falls, is a blessing that I appreciate each day.

A few quiet minutes at the end of the day, with my feet up is all I need to re-charge.

Tomorrow's a new day.