Thursday, August 23, 2012

"When They're Chilling..."

"it's the perfect moment to catch them."

How the jihad recruits in Germany. 

It's a really interesting first-hand account of the "catchers" and their prey in Germany. The techniques are cultish (no surprise of course) and clever.

The whole article is pretty creepy and probably repeated with slight variations for any given population of "prey".

But here's the interesting kicker at the end:

"On a sunny day in August, they meet a few friends for a barbecue in Hamburg's Wohlers Park. Djamal has made fruit salad with pomegranates. There are two barbecues on the lawn, one for pork sausages and one for halal meat. An Armenian, a Jordanian and a Russian are drinking vodka. Djamal unrolls his prayer rug for evening prayers. Bora takes out some fruit-flavored tobacco. The men wait for Djamal to finish praying, while the meat cooks on the barbecue. "He does the best hookah," says Bora."
"One of them knocks a spider off the water pipe. Another one says: "The spider is sacred for us in Islam. It spun a web and saved the life of the Prophet."

"Djamal winks at the SPIEGEL reporter."

"He has a latent guilty conscience, superficial knowledge. He would be easy to catch," he says. Djamal still knows how to spot prey. But now he's searching for a more meaningful purpose, something with more structure."

Djamal has applied to join the German military, the Bundeswehr.