Friday, August 10, 2012

Is Mitt In It to Win It?

I think the Romney campaign started to do some good things with the "You Didn't Build That" reveal by Obama.

However, I really am not feeling any killer instinct with respect to media.

Has the Romney campaign ever heard of Rush Limbaugh? Rush has put more good advice into a few paragraphs than the Romney campaign has put out into the universe in the past few weeks (perhaps months).

Romney is running for POTUS against the most corrupt, lying, inexperienced, socialist, classless President America has ever seen.

The campaign should be run emphasizing that it is a no-brainer for the average American to want to get Obama out of office.

Nobody is forcing Mitt Romney to run for the highest office in America. So, where is the enthusiasm? Where is the attack mode?

Nice is just not going to cut it. 

"Nice" Republican candidate = four more years of Obama. 


Kathy found this nugget from Rush.

Don't a bazillion non-lefties listen to Rush? To ignore this constituency, to ignore their wish for a complete change from the Obama Post-American Imperial Presidency is folly.

Is the Romney campaign not aware that there are people who are Republicans, and who are smart enough to out-weasel the weasel Axelrod?

Do they not understand that they will have to outmaneuver the Alinsky Democrat thugs and beat them at their own game?  

Is the Romney campaign getting any advice from smart Republicans who understand how to craft messages, how to work the media and how to coach their candidate out of this completely self-defeating "nice" mode?

I'm thinking possibly not.

UPDATE: Totally double-plus awesome Steyn. 

The whole thing-amazing. My favourite bit is the Romney campaign in 8 words.


If Mark Steyn is calling your campaign "milquetoast pantywaist candy-assed soft-focus "Believe in America" shtick" (OH MAH GAWD DYING OVER THIS HAHAHAHAHHAHA!) you need to pay attention.

Head for the hills!!!!!