Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Totally Awesome! Celebrate Diversity!

So I was on the subway yesterday, leafing through a magazine and it was the Women of Influence magazine. Never heard of it before, but it's one of those empowering women type of things.

ANYWAY, I got to the middle spread and almost peed in my pants laughing. 


There is a big feature with all kinds of Diversity Specialists from Big Companies who Celebrate Diversity!

Celebrate Diversity of Whiteness!

Fifty Diverse Shades of White!

Check it out!

The even better part is all the white Diversity Specialists talking in their pull quotes about how amazing diversity is! The fact that they are sort of all the same and white diversity specialists is kind of overlooked!

To be fair, I think that there are two South Asian dudes and one South Asian woman in the photo. But the Celebrate Diversity in Employment people still look really, really, but REALLY white to me. How diverse is that???

Now, maybe they range from Pasty White to Yellowish White, and Really Fair White and stuff. But mostly-I'm blinded by the whiteness of this diversity feature.


But seriously-Celebrate Diversity, OKAY?!?!