Friday, March 15, 2013

The Death of Free Speech in Canada

"Man" in pink vagina costume, and vulgar women using the "c" word find opposing views "unacceptable" and shut down lecture as campus police stand and watch.

This is what happened on a Canadian university campus. How disgraceful. 

“In the name of every c—, we stand here today refusing to let you further devalue the anatomical jewel, and moreover refusing to let you keep talking about removing it,” the woman in red said. “We are the defenders of the c—. You are threatening the freedom of all c—s while disseminating anti-c— misinformation in institutions that require academic integrity.”

The ringleader-his parents must be so proud: 

"Ethan Jackson, 21, an art student at nearby Wilfrid Laurier University, said he calls his pink costume Vulveta, and that Stephen Woodworth’s talk about the universality of human rights came from an oppressive western discourse that ignores the rights of indigenous people."

Got that logic? 

Juvenile, disgusting, rude behaviour is epidemic on campus. All because of "feelings"-how an opposing feeling makes them feel!

But the real question is why have police at events like this at all, if they cannot (will not) keep the peace and remove disruptive protesters from scheduled events? That is what "keeping the peace" really means, remove the disruptions-not remove the speaker. 

What is the point of this "safety" facade? 

This is the possibly the most grating issue in the article: 

From the administration itself: 

Ms. Ellen Rethore (the associate vice-president of communications and public affairs) said police were at the event Wednesday to guard the safety of everyone, not enforce rules of academic debate.


Safety is the new wimp catch-all for "we cannot deal with this and we are going to surrender". 

"Safety" = the death of liberty and freedom by small, "safe" steps. It's safety kabuki theatre! 

Liberty was not safe and preserved nor was freedom of expression or speech. 

Utterly reprehensible. A black mark on Canadian institutes of higher education. Shame on all that encourage and tolerate this behaviour. 

As Kate says: what's the opposite of diversity? University.