Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Must Read: Dennis Prager Interviews Lars Hedegaard

A very telling interview. 

Read the whole thing!

Where are the attacks coming from? 

"I would say almost exclusively from the Left. (Of course, also from Muslims. Not all Muslims, but some.) I seem to be very unpopular with my old friends. I think the problem is that I know what it’s all about to be left-wing; I used to be a leading Marxist in this country. But I’ve held to the opinion that we first of all have to fight for free speech and freedom and equality between the sexes and the rule of law; and also, that we should not bow before religious fanatics of any type, regardless of where they come from. This seems to me what was the essence of being left-wing back in the days. No longer. The Left now seems to have reverence for fanatics — as long as they are Muslim."